Omnipresent, eternal, infinite: The Missed Fundamental Keys of Nondual Awakening

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Robert Wolfe

During Robert's travels he has labored as an auto assembly line worker in Detroit, as a carnival worker, a journalist in New York City, on a farm of a Zen community in California, as a landscaper, a financial consultant, a janitor. After living in the Mendocino area for about twenty years he bought a camper van and moved onto a property in a redwoods forest ... Read more.

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Robert's first published book and still the most read title of his work.
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Audiobook Edition of One Essence

Especially adapted for listening, professionally read, and including at the end a full reading of the Hsin Hsin Ming. 
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  (Listen to full reading of Hsin Hsin Ming verses here for free.)
Reflective, nature inspired essays, originally journal entries Robert wrote during (and shortly after) his time in the redwood forests of California. 

Read entries from book, listen to Robert reading extracts, and find links to purchase in several editions: Elementary Cloudwatching

Always - Only - One

A compilation of the sources such as the Ashtavakra Gita, the Diamond Heart sutra, the Mandukya Upanishad, and selections from Ramana Maharshi.  A condensed dialogue on the Absolute and the Self with essential texts from the springs of Indian nondual perceptions.  A Dialogue with the Essence of Nondual India. 

Other readings on nonduality on the website

Nonduality in a Nutshell

The teachings of nonduality have begun to come of age in the West, recognized (at last) as the central essence of Zen, Dzochen, Tao, Vedanta, Sufism, and of Christians such as Meister Eckhart. In particular, the recorded teachings of modern sages (such as J. Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta) have paved the way for a contemporary generation of illuminating speakers and writers.

What all of these spiritual traditions have in common is a viewpoint which is different from mainstream Christianity, Judaism and Islam. How is it different, and what are the differences?

Read "Self-Realization is Not Religion".
You could visit Robert's blog which posts unpublished material, interviews, and questions from readers, read Enduring Enrichment, a short description of Robert's time in the redwood forests of California, or The Absolute Enigma, a short biographical sketch and introduction to nonduality. Have a look at video and audio recordings, or browse book titles by Robert.  You can also download Robert's first book Living Nonduality as a free PDF

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