Your Departure Time

by Robert Wolfe on May 3rd, 2010

If you go to the airport to catch a flight to California and the departure board says to go to gate 8, you will miss the flight if you go to gate 10 instead. No matter how many times you persist in returning to gate 10, you will continually miss the flight that is listed to leave from gate 8.

The questions you ask about external “realities” will not get you where you want to go.

The solution to the dilemma of spiritual confusion cannot be found in propositions of logic. “If A=B and B=C, then C must equal A” makes sense from the standpoint of the material world. But what you are seeking—every teacher has said—is beyond the confines of time, distance or causation: in other words, not limited to a question-and-answer paradigm.

All of the teachers tell you to look for what you are seeking within, not outward in terms of conceptual forms.

More specifically, the teachers tell you to discover the source of the questions, instead of pursuing answers to questions.

Questions are gate 10. The source is gate 8. Don’t ignore the departure board: “Go to gate 8. You will waste your life if you go to gate 10.”

To take just three teachers alone, Buddha, Ramana and Krishnamurti taught for a combined total of more than 150 years. None of the three retired before they died, so evidently none “finished the job early” of transmitting the Truth. That is because the Truth contains a tough message.
The tough message is that when you close your eyes for the final time, the “you” who you maintain that you are—and everyone of its questions and answers—will entirely disappear, completely evaporate. So, of what value are these things? Ultimately, none.

The only thing that is of any value to you during this lifetime is to perceive the true nature of what it is that is dreaming this dream.

The “you”, and all that you think is important, is a dream. What is real? This is the only question that you need to concern yourself with.

Could it be that there is That which is beyond time, which therefore is so permanent that there is no “arrival” and no “departure” for it? We know that every thing in the material, external realm “comes” and “goes”. What is more “real”: that which is impermanent, or That which persists when everything else has come and gone?

If the latter, is it possible that this timeless actuality is the “background” for all of the transience that is as un-real as a dream? If so, is this the source, the fountainhead, from which all that we perceive makes its “appearance?”

If this is the source of all that is impermanent, is it not the source from which “you” emerge? And, by extension, isn’t it the source from which your thoughts and questions arise?

So, what is more important, contemplating the answers to an endless stream of (ultimately useless) questions, or contemplating your innate source? The teachers urge, “Look within.” Isn’t that a clue? If they said, “Keep your attention busy with asking endless questions” that would be a different kind of clue, wouldn’t it?

That’s why the teachers find the teachings to be a tough sell. When we look within, we discover that we are not who we thought we were. And this might just change our lives, and our lifestyles. It’s possible that we may not “like” what we find behind gate 8. Buddhists, for example, call it the Void. “Void” means “nothing”: 0.

That’s where the answers to all the questions lead: ultimately no where; to the source that has no specific location, no material “reality”. It’s the One who has no questions to ask.

Find this One. That’s the answer to all questions. Head toward the proper gate: self-realization.

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