You're Not Responsible

by Robert Wolfe on March 24th, 2011

Comprehend that you are still living with a pre-Copernicus mindset.

A clergyman in a cathedral, in 1543 Copernicus published a treatise postulating that the sun does not appear to rise and set as a consequence of it revolving around the earth (the latter of which the Church presumed to be the center of the universe); to the contrary, he asserted, the earth revolves around the sun, which is stationary, and it is the earth’s axial rotation which provides the appearance of a rising and setting sun.

Nearly ninety years passed before Galileo’s interest in physics and telescopes resulted in publication (in 1632) of experimental verification of Copernicus’ revelation (followed by Galileo’s trial before Rome’s inquisition the following year).

Like the pre-Copernicans who were without doubt that the earth graced the hub of the universe, most people today still suppose that “cause and effect” is such a truism that it is a physical fact.

This was disproved, now more than 40 years ago!

Most people today would recognize the name of Alexander Graham Bell of the telephone, but not the name of Irish physicist John Stewart Bell. But the latter, in 1964, did for physics as much as Copernicus did for astronomy. And, as recently as 2004, Swiss physicist Nicholas Gisin established the revelation of Bell, as firmly as did Galileo that of Copernicus.

In sum, to quote physicist Nick Herbert:

“Bell’s Theorem* states, in effect, that after two [subatomic] particles interact in a conventional way, then move apart outside the range of the interaction, the particles continue to influence each other instantaneously via a real connection, which joins them together with undiminished strength no matter how far apart they may roam….

“Bell’s Theorem says not merely that superluminal connections are possible, but that they are necessary to make our kind of universe work….

“Bell’s Theorem shows that…things are hooked together by an invisible, underlying network of superluminal connections.”

Another scientist, Steve Hagen, adds:

“Though we conceive of a ‘here’ and a ‘there’, such conception is not supported…by experimental results. The ‘two’ are intimately related, and a change in ‘one’ immediately creates a change in the ‘other’…of the very fabric of time and space itself.”

Physics professor Lee Smolin:

“This means that the entangled nature of the quantum state reflects something essential in the world….This makes it one of those rare cases in which an experiment [such as Gisin demonstrated over 31 miles, likened—given the relative size of particles—to 31 light-years
across space] can be interpreted as a test of a philosophical principal [viz., nonduality]….

“We—who live in the universe, and aspire to understand it—are then inextricably part of the same entangled system.”

Physicist Shimon Malin:

“Such a connection takes place because both events [the cosmic interaction by two—or more—particles] form a single creative act, a single ‘actual entity,’ arising out of a common field of potentialities.”

And Henry Stapp:

“The important thing about Bell’s Theorem is that it puts the dilemma posed by quantum phenomena clearly into the realm of macroscopic [“visible”] phenomena…[showing] that our ordinary ideas about the world are somehow profoundly deficient even at the macroscopic level.”

Gary Zukov:

“Bell’s Theorem tells us that there is no such thing as ‘separate parts’. All of the ‘parts’ of the universe are connected in an intimate and immediate way…‘Commonsense’ ideas are inadequate even to describe macroscopic events—events of the everyday world!” [e.g., cause and effect]

Renowned physicist David Bohm:

“We can say that inseparable quantum interconnectedness of the whole universe is the fundamental reality…any attempt to assert the independent existence of a ‘part’ would deny this unbroken wholeness…This form of description cannot be closed on the large scale, any more than on the small scale…. This means that our notions of space and time will have to change in a fundamental way….

“Notion of the constitution of the world out of separately-existent parts is turned upside down....There are indivisible links of action between each object, and its environment.”

This, then, is the physical reality, the actual fact of the universe that we live in.

There is no such actuality—throughout time and space, as we know it—as cause that is apart from effect.

Most people today are basing their assumptions on pre-Bell doctrine; just as most people, before 1543, based their assumptions on pre-Copernicus doctrine.

But in terms of how you live your life, based on the assumptions you are making, the former is more important than the latter.

Will ninety years pass before you incorporate the supportive scientific evidence of what the sages have maintained for some 3,500 years: “You are not the doer”?

*A theorem is not a theory; it's been experimentally proven.

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