The Truth Shall Set YOU Free

by Robert Wolfe on May 3rd, 2011

The pandemic disease that afflicts the seeker of spiritual truth is inconsistency.

If one affirms that “God is all there is”, and that is a truth, then one embodies this truth or else lives in untruth. To those who are sincere, such is more than a rhetorical statement: “All is One.”

If That is all that is, That is all that is real; anything perceived “other” than That is unreal—therefore, not truth.

If That is all there is, there are not two things: there is only That. Therefore, That is an indivisible whole. An indivisible whole is not subject to partition: all is That.

There is, therefore, no God (or That, for that matter) that can stand apart from anything else. This is all That (or God).

There is no “part” of it that is “greater” than any “other” part; there is no separate Entity.

To deny this obvious implication of “God is all there is” is to live in untruth, inconsistency.

The One of which you speak is a one without a two. This Oneness neither “knows” nor “cares”, as a remote knower or carer. There is no separate place in Oneness in which oneness has taken up a distinct location from which to know, care, intervene, intercede, instruct or any other privately definable action. Being in no way relative, it does not stand out somewhere in relationship to the human condition, nor any human in particular.

To affirm truth on one hand and live untruth on the other hand can only lead to confusion and (perceived) suffering.

To live the truth consistently is an end to confusion and suffering.

If God is all that is, “you” are God. If this is not true, God is not all that is.

Which shall you affirm? Which shall you live as the truth?

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