Belief and Judgement

by Robert Wolfe on August 22nd, 2011

Your last couple of letters shows some timely introspection! Your comments:

"I'm in a sorting-out phase. The cost of wisdom is everything you think you knew. Ignorance is the cause of all suffering. Belief systems are created to either explain or decrease one's level of suffering. Yet the belief system can produce even greater suffering still. My own chosen belief system, of these past twelve years, has not worked at all. In fact, it has never decreased my suffering, but rather has given me expectations that have only served to increase it.

"The Course was just a furtherance of a belief system. I now recognize my own incredibly painful comfort zone, from which I refused to budge, and that was one where spirituality as loftyaspirations would make a 'difference.'

"The goal should have been to see it the way it was, or is, and not the way I would have liked it. Ideology is insane: the world does not want or need to be 'fixed.' It just is what it is. So, now, I just let it be what it is. The best thing we can do for anyone is to wake up ourself! The seemingly profound questions have never been answered by me: What am I doing here? Who--or what--am I? Change what, for what? Is it really about 'nothing'?

"All the remains to be seen is that there is nothing that needs to be seen. What there is to see is that there is nothing to see. There's been lots more to write about, but no interest on my part."

Idealistic propositions, even when (or maybe particularly when) "spiritual," or religious, always involve expectations--especially concerning changing "others," as a preferred alternative to awakening ourself. Expectations (certainly regarding changing others, or the world) are bound to lead to disappointment, and increased dissatisfaction.

Sometimes, dis illusion ment can be the catalyst for attending to 'what is' in actuality, rather than what could be or should be.

You have long been concerned with "judgement" and "forgiveness." Obviously, forgiveness is not needed where judgement is absent. When you relinquish your belief as to how things should be, where is the need for judgement? Where judgement is inactive, what need is there for changing others? With no concern for changing others, what then of the reality of peace?

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