"Our Father Who Art..."

by Robert Wolfe on August 24th, 2011

Your question: "Is there a God? Yes or no?"

No. Not in the sense that your question implies. Most everyone who uses that term conceives of a god as an entity, a form.

Yet, at the same time, most persons would say that God is omnipresent. If so, God would not be a form among other forms, but would be present in the same space in which every other form was present; in other words, would occupy every form (from the inside out).

As such there would be no form which limited It, or contained it; It would be beyond, or transcendent of, any form. Unlimited by any constraint of form, it would not itself be an entity.

The nondual teachings, therefore, call it form-less; also Absolute, which means "not limited."

"Does it exist or not exist, then?"

For those who suppose that God is an entity, they would then of course posit that this God has existence. The nondual teachings speak of the Absolute as neither existent nor non-existent. That which is omnipresent, in other words is not finite, does not come into existence (as a form) or go out of existence. From another view, being without limitation, It would be non-existent as well as existent.

As the Vedas suggest, if the question was (instead of God) "Does the Absolute exist?," the sage would have no argument with those who maintain no; yes; both; or neither.

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