The Neutrino Parable

by Robert Wolfe on October 15th, 2011

While you are reading this, a galactic bombardment of subatomic particles—the virtually massless neutrino—is passing through your body. Not just through your body, but through the core of the earth, out the other side and on through any other material it encounters. Though unseen, unfelt, unbeknown and unexperienced, this invasional radiation is your continual lifetime reality.

This can be an analogous metaphor for the penetration, of all that exists, by the infinite presence of being.

Suppose a neutrino were to cease its relentless journey, stop dead in the middle of your living room, and expand to the perimeter of the living room—and beyond. Walking into the living room, you are completely permeated by the presence of the neutrino, Ned. In fact, by its undeterrable nature, there is not anything in the living room which is not similarly inundated. In other words, not only everything within the room’s space, but the space between things, as well, is totally and fully occupied, engulfed, by Ned.

The outline of your body, your skin, “contains” Ned, on the inside; and is “contained” by Ned, on the outside: there is no filament between you and the neutrino, that is not also saturated by Ned. In fact, except for being a superimposition on Ned, there is nothing at all to set you apart from Ned.

And everything else in the room is likewise merely a form in something which—unrestrained by any obstacles—is unconfined to form. The lamp and Ned are no more apart than the lamp is separated from the space surrounding it. When you reach over to turn the lamp on, Ned’s “arm” moves through Ned’s “space” to connect with Ned’s “lamp”. When Ned’s “light” appears, it dispels Ned’s “darkness”.

But whether you connect with the lamp by touch, or not, you are already unknowingly connected to the lamp—and to everything else in the room.

In fact, unaware in the meanwhile that Ned has expanded beyond the unrestraining confines of the room and has completely filled the visible universe, you are insensibly connected with the furtherest galaxy.

But Ned, with its infinite capacity, has diffused beyond even the visible universe, to that expanse which we can but conclude disappears into infinity. So, as it happens, your own Nedness is in no way disconnected even from that which stretches eternally into the Unknown.

Now, no matter where you go, what you do, or your interconnections with other Nednesses, Ned is inescapable. You don’t have to go prospecting for Ned; Ned would be the prospector, the prospecting and the embodiment of the discovered. Your mother-in-law, coming to visit you, would be Ned passing through Ned to arrive at Ned for an indefinite stay with Ned. When your friend asks you, “What occurred while your wife’s mother visited”, you can say, “Nothing really! But remind me, sometime, to tell you about Ned.”

Your friend will be surprised (perhaps startled) to learn that she is no different from your mother-in-law (or your lamp) than the form of an ice cube is, in water. Be tactful; and don’t be surprised if your friend doubts it. But then, that’s Ned, doing what Ned does.

Forever Yours, Ned

P.S. You are not a neutrino (“neutral”), because a neutrino is also Ned. Ned is what has been characterized as the omnipresent God; or the universal Essence of Being—or other more-or-less confusing names; self/Self, for example: or “you” and “me”.

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L - January 24th, 2012 at 10:26 PM
This is AWESOME.

Thanks Ned:)

Ned (aka L)

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