Only That

by Robert Wolfe on February 20th, 2012

All right then, Hanneke, let's say that there is a "you" and "me." No problem with that.

But the question that the nondual teachings are asking you to penetrate is this: What is the true nature, the ultimate Reality, that is commonly the identity of "you" and "me"?
You and me are impermanent forms; all such forms come and go. There is a Presence in which all forms arise, and into which they will disappear; this Presence does not come and go.

Ramana has put it this way: that which does not come and go, which is eternal or everlasting, is the only thing which is "real"; all else is "unreal," merely a passing appearance.

All forms--e.g., you and me--owe their original "identity" to this ground of Being. So, from the standpoint of ultimate reality, who are you? Who am I? What difference is there, in that context?

That is what is meant by, "There is nobody," no "thing" or entity. Therefore, one comes to realize that there is no "me". And, given that realization, there are no "others."

This is not to say that the appearance of a me and others even needs to be absent. The realization involves recognizing "who," or "what," these are appearances (or manifestations) of. That (Beingness) thou art--thou applying to you, me and all others. "There is only That," the sutras say.

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Magdi - February 20th, 2012 at 4:35 PM
Hanneke - February 21st, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Dear Robert,nThank you for your reply. nI can see why showing up of the appearances of 'others', 'you' and 'me' doesn't have to be in the way of realizing That Beingness. You say, if I understand you correctly, it is about recognizing what those appearances are appearances (manifestations) of. nSomehow my self-consciousness seems to prevent this; being under the attention of others starts an unconscious loop of thoughts and feelings creating a self that is very alert of signs others (seem) to give me of how I should behave (need to please-pattern, thinking the way I am is not good enough) and therefore creating more real others (in my eyes). The possibility to relax as Awareness, recognizing that I and you and others are just concepts of and in Awareness is totally out of sight. When however I am on my own, especially in nature, this relaxation seems to take place. nProbably my inability to relax in the company of others is taken here as an obstacle to recognize Awareness. Intellectually I can answer myself that this inability to relax is also appearing in the relaxation of Awareness. But that seems just a superficial line of reasoning to me, it doesn't bring me experiential truth, if you understand what I mean.nCould you advise me how to start recognizing Awareness in company of others?nMany thanks in advance,nHannekenP.S. Thanks Natalie for your good work!
Natalie - March 7th, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Hi Hanneke, Thanks for your comment. Robert has left you a response in a new blogpost "Harmonious Being." Here is the link: love,nNatalie

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