Not Even One

by Robert Wolfe on March 2nd, 2012

Thanks for sharing your letter to Sara.

You indicate that you're "not entirely clear on," and need to "have a clear idea of," a couple of assertions of Nisargadatta.

The "the world is something in consciousness," and not vice-versa, is evident when we consider that when our animated consciousness is absent (as in death; under anesthesia; indeed, even in deep sleep), the world itself is not a perceived reality. Thus, what we know as the world appears only within the framework of our animated consciousness.
As to "consciousness is not in the world" (the vice-versa part), given the complete absence of the finite world--in such conditions as death, etc.--the assumed consciousness of the world evaporates along with the perceived world itself. Note that in the condition of death, etc., even the very idea that there is such a state as consciousness disappears.

Secondly: "Consciousness is temporary; what we are is eternal." That consciousness is temporary is evident: a person's consciousness is attendant to one's life; death, in general, signifies the end of, or absence of, consciousness in the temporal organism.

The impermanent organism itself is a manifestation in, and of, an everlasting Presence. Being an expression of that Presence, the organism owes its identity to that manifesting Presence. Thus, what we are is nothing more than one of the manifold appearances of the eternal.

Your Nisargadatta quote says, "Eternal means: now and forever....That state transcends knowledge and ignorance [thus, consciousness]..." He goes on to compare the eternal state to that of an "unborn child"--no consciousness of a world, or even of consciousness itself.

And in our "un-conscious" state, there is not even such a reality as "one." So, this pertains to your pondering, "Is everything actually one?"

Therefore, Nisargadatta can say of differences, "there aren't any." Not even a "one," as opposed to "not-one."

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