Where to Go

by Robert Wolfe on March 13th, 2012

Q: Dear Robert, since reading your Gospel of Thomas and much of Living Nonduality, it seems obvious that priority should be given to the quest for realization by disengaging from worldly activities that tend to keep one immersed in doership. Having resolved to do so, somehow today such a course does not appear to be either obvious or necessary: Grateful for your observations on this predicament.

A: There is no right or wrong answer, Joe, to this question of non-attachment to the relative world. Some feel impelled to cut as many ties as possible, others take no such actions and find that they are not hindered. Even from a practical standpoint, much could depend on the degree of one's obligatory responsibilities and unavoidable commitments.
It would seem obvious that where one is unencumbered by practical matters, there is greater latitude for the kind of contemplative introspection that generally tends to be conducive to an exceptional insight.

However, the awakening to the nondual nature of our existence has occurred in all kinds of differing circumstances.

In other words, a change in circumstances may or may not be tangential to a shift in perspective. And non-attachment involves more than mere detachment from material matters. As has been said, the final renunciation is of the self who would renounce.

The key factor is this: that which we have come to feel that we need to seek is, the nondual teachings assert, omnipresent. If that is true, not anything could be apart from or outside of it, nor could even exclude it (thus it is even said to be "within you"). In short, one comes to realize that this which we are seeking is actually inescapable. Why else is it stated, "That thou art"?

Why, then, would it matter where you are or what you are doing (or not doing), when you recognize that any and all movements are simply "That doing what it does"?

When such a realization is perfectly clear, the sense of being a separate, individuated self disappears into an abiding awareness of the Absolute. Where, then, is the self which needs to be in some particular place or activity or circumstance in order to attain the object of its seeking? No separation. No self. No seeking.

With Self-realization, some changes in circumstances may ensue; a substantial degree of non-attachment from worldly matters, for example. But the latter is more likely to be a development of the former, than vice versa.

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