The IS in "What Is"

by Robert Wolfe on August 16th, 2012

"This should be different than it is." 

Such is a thought which we hold regularly, and generally without even noticing it.

By the time this thought, or idea, has occurred to us, that which we are critiquing is already an evident fact.
You cannot change the fact which has been observed, you can only wish it were otherwise or attempt to offer some form of resistance to it.

The development which “should be different than it is” may relate to me; may relate to others; may relate to the world; or to some other aspect of life in general.

The greater the number of notions one has about the way things should be, could be or would be, the greater the anguish and disappointment with the way things actually are—with me, you, the world or the surprises of life.

You, in existence in this moment, and whatever else is actually present—in this moment of existence, as a noticeable reality—are inseparable.

Whether you react or do not react to the present fact, or circumstance, does not change or reverse the fact itself. What is, is not appeased by your supposition of what ought to be instead.

You and the factual circumstances of your life (good, bad or indifferent) are an indivisible reality: neither resisting or clinging to any situation makes any existential difference either way.

To simply be present with whatever is present is for the momentary reality and “me” to merge into one harmonious movement of indivisible wholeness.

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Göran Backlund - September 1st, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Yes, and we must not forget that any protest against what is, is itself arising effortlessly and is itself a perfect expression of what IS. This means that resistance is actually never the case, ,all is arising completely effortlessly!

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