A Primal Mystery

by Robert Wolfe on April 7th, 2013

Question: What does the seeing that there are no others mean in relation to the apparent circumstantial evidence that there are points of view, thoughts, perceptions and feelings which are not experienced 'here' in this body-mind? 

Robert:  You need not deny that you experience "others," nor that they appear to be experiencing you (via "points of view, thoughts, perceptions and feelings"). From the standpoint of anyone's conditioned reality, all this comes with the territory. 

For many (if not most) people, the observation of these material forms—"this body-mind" and "others"—is merely taken for granted, and prompts no inquiry. For some people, whatever the reason, curiosity arises concerning what is being observed: why is there any thing which exists at all? Is there something which these existent things have in common? What set all this reality in motion, or infused it with life? In other words, could there be some message here, implicated in the medium? 

Over the ages, there have been a number of people who have maintained that there is an answer to such questions. They usually claim that the answer they've discovered is not obvious, but rather counter-intuitive. They also often say that this discovery radically changes he manner in which forms and appearances are experienced. 

So for you, "the seeing that there are no others" may run contrary to what you (and even other people) conclude is "circumstantial evidence" that "body-minds" exist independently separate from each other. 

These animate forms, or even inanimate, do not disappear for those people who purport to be attuned to an alternate reality. In other words, they do not deny the seeming separativeness; nor even the circumstantial evidence supporting it. But they say that such is no longer their perception. 

For these people, to put it briefly, "there are no others" because (they have discovered) there is no substantive "self." And all experiences which beings share is circumstantial evidence of their interconnectedness, or fundamental sameness. There are signs that all things, or forms, have an origin in common, representing an unbroken, cohesive continuity; and that this coordinating force, or power, existed long before there were body-minds to ponder it. In fact, our very thoughts, perceptions, etc. are dependent upon it. 

So for some seers, though they view the same relative objects that you do, they are reminded of the deep mystery: is there a more primal knowledge of existence than out subjective mind can apprehend? And how would one know it? 

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Name - April 12th, 2013 at 7:17 PM
Very well expressed.
Just One Unbroken Whole, appearing as many. Knowing REALITY does not remove the perception of many, but is the intutive knowledge that this is only a mirage. Behind all this name and form is the ONE changeless, attributeless, eternal, formless, eternally free and unconditioned Absolute.
One who has the right knowledge sees everything , with the inner understanding as one's own SELF.

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