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"For those of us who find that wanting to change the world is too daunting a task, the solution is to start with yourself and work your way out. For the decades that I’ve known Robert Wolfe, he has been an active explorer of spiritual wisdom. And now, with Living Nonduality, he shares what he has learned."

Paul Krassner, author of
Who’s to Say What’s Obscene:
Politics, Culture and Comedy in America Today

"Robert Wolfe’s book is a treasure of insights and wisdom; like I Am That by Nisargadatta or Who Am I? by Ramana Maharshi."

Jerry Jones
co-author of From Here to Nirvana

"Living Nonduality is sprinkled with dharma gems throughout—the kind of book one can open on any page and find a treasure."

Catherine Ingram, author of
Passionate Presence, In the Footsteps of Gandhi,
and A Crack in Everything

“With J. Krishnamurti's As One Is, Nisargdatta's I Am That, and Kingsley's Reality, Robert Wolfe's recent book Living Nonduality is a powerfully important work which challenges the accepted wisdom of the individual as a being apart from all else. Delve into this book and, as Krishnamurti often said, see what happens.”

James Paul
Symphony Conductor
Trustee, Krishnamurti Foundation

"I have finally come across a book worth reading. Robert Wolfe’s Living Nonduality is simple, unassuming, direct, sincere. It will be of great help to many a confused seeker."

Sri Mumtaz Ali,
founder of The Satsang Foundation,
author of Wisdom of the Rishis and other titles

Reader comments

“Robert Wolfe's life has been devoted to a a passionate pursuit of the real. The result of his search is what you hold in your hands when reading Living Nonduality. With relentless logic and clear seeing, he pulls the rug from under the ego at every turn, in the classic tradition of all nondual teachings. So beware: the contents may be hazardous to your cherished illusions.”

Vince M., Ojai, California

“Your book tends to keep the mind saturated and fresh with its eternal message, and seems to be the best medicine for the dilemma at hand.”

Norman C., Sylmar, California

“Controversial and revolutionary, the book is destined to be a timeless spiritual classic. It has been my constant companion since it came into my hands. There is no compromise in its absolute, essential teachings.”

Cheyenne B., Ojai, California

“The most down-to-earth explanation I have ever read of what nonduality means. No-nonsense writing of a topic that is often treated in a very abstract way.”

Linda H., Glendale, California

“I never imagined waking to a gift of new life. I opened the book and couldn’t stop. Goes beyond words.”

Harold H., inmate, Texas prison

"...Wolfe's core message is classical Advaita--i.e., `not two.' But his context is right now.

"...What does Wolfe want from you? Nothing. What does he want for you? That you should be absolutely, unconditionally free.

"If you feel compelled to search, Wolfe's book is an excellent place to start--or finish."

'not-clyde', Amazon review.

"The author is a gifted writer and speaks from his own direct experience, while incorporating the views of sages both past and present. In addition, there are many excerpts from conversations with a variety of seekers. I think that readers will appreciate the manner in which the many facets of the "jewel", which we term nonduality, are displayed. It is truly a spiritual banquet.

"Most importantly, this book is the unique expression of one who has completed the search upon which so many of us have embarked, and he is deeply committed to assisting others in the realization of their true nature."

Judith M. Light, Amazon review