Mind: from the Greek "menos"; spirit, force

by Robert Wolfe on March 17th, 2010

“Mind” is a key element, from the standpoint of enlightened awareness. The spiritual seeker is asked to trace back (in contemplation) the source of the presence that we commonly refer to as mind. The usual initial response is that “I am the source of my mind.” The seeker is then urged to “find the I”; trace back the source of the I-thought: where does the sense of being “me” originate? Where can the mind be located? Being itself immaterial, can it be a product of the brain—which is material? Where is the sense of “being present” centered; is it within the body? Find it!

Is it possible (and you can discover this first-hand, if you will) that your self-identification is nothing more than a projection of the mind; and that mind is merely an extension of the self? Since they are each fundamentally a reflection of the other, what is their originating source?

What is your body’s originating source? Is it not, ultimately, the same as the source of all material manifestation in the universe, animate or inanimate? What is the source of animation that we refer to as life? Your awareness of being alive is not something which you created. That which is the source of your sense of presence is the source of your sense of being a unique “person” (the root of the word means ‘a mask’), an individual; and your sense of being a person is the source of your reference to “my mind”.

But whose mind is it? Who is responsible for the creation of its thoughts?…You?…
“You” as a physical being (no matter how full “your mind” is with “thoughts”) are powerless to effect the course of nature in the universe. What is the power responsible for your (and the universe) being “present”? Is that not the origin from which your body, your sense of self, your thoughts and your very mind arise?

So, whose mind is it? Whose thoughts are these? Who is the self that is animate in all “selves” and says “I exist” in all consciousness? When you’ve discovered the source of your real identity, you’ve discovered the source of “your mind” and “its thoughts”—the source of “everyone’s” mind and “everyone’s” thoughts.

In Buddhism, they refer to this omnipresence as Buddha Mind, or just Mind: “Buddha Mind” because Buddha discovered that it was this singularity which was the root of his “true nature”, and that all beings share this nature in common. In Eastern spiritual literature, the question is asked (for contemplation): Who is the doer? Are there countless “individual sources”—“minds” which have no connection with one another—which are responsible for the natural unfolding of events? Or is the very unfolding of events the extension of the presence which represents life from its very beginning?

So who, ultimately, is the doer? You; or that origination of which you are a collective representative? Whose mind is at work in “your mind”? What is the origin of all minds? Is there such a thing as an individual “mind”?“

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