Who Is God?

by Robert Wolfe on June 24th, 2010

Due to our divisive (subject-object) habit of thought, the average person tends to envision God in two particular ways: as an entity unto itself; and, as standing apart from oneself. Thus, the traditional depiction of God as Jehovah, “up there” somewhere, to whom one raises one’s eyes in supplication like a teenager asking dad for the car keys. Contemporary references to God as “Goddess” are the same kind of thinking, merely modified.

“Who sees not God everywhere”, as Meister Eckhart said, “sees God nowhere.” If the Almighty is indeed everywhere, that must include where you are standing. In other words, one who recognizes the nature of the Absolute recognizes that God is one’s own personage. But it is not to say that the Absolute is confined to any particular personage. The shrub outside of your window is no less God. The realization is not that you are God alone, but that you are—along with all else that is—God. To suppose that you were God alone would be to suppose that God is a singular entity, with the capacity to stand apart from other entities. Such is a notion which many orthodox religionists hold, which prohibits them from recognizing, and acknowledging, their own identity as God.

No one is more—or less—Godly than you.

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