Have you read Deepak Chopra's book that says Jesus taught Enlightenment?

by Robert Wolfe on August 3rd, 2010

Although Deepak Chopra's novel: Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment is a speculative re-imagining of the "lost years" between about ages 12 and 30 of Jesus' life, his introductory comments about Jesus' evident unitive realization are germane to the view of many of us today who are familiar with the Eastern teachings.

Quotes from Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment:

Enlightenment has existed in every age. The path from suffering and separation to bliss and unity with God is well-marked...

Seen from the perspective of Buddha or the ancient rishis ("seers") of India, Jesus attained enlightenment.

Chopra surmises that:

Jesus wanted his followers - and us - to reach the same unity with God that he had reached...Jesus was a teacher of higher consciousness, not just a shining example of it.

He told his disciples that they would do everything he could do and more.

He called them the 'light of the world', the same term he applied to himself.

He pointed toward the Kingdom of Heaven as an eternal state of grace, not a faraway place, hidden above the clouds.

In short, the Jesus who is left out of the New Testament turns out to be, in many ways, the most important Jesus for modern times.

This Jesus is, in Chopra's view, "intensely absorbed in the question 'Who am I?'"

Chopra's Jesus and the Jesus of the Gospel of Thomas spoke the same language of nondual awareness. That is the discovery that gives foundations to Chopra's envisioning of Jesus.

As former theology professor Micael Ledwith has said of Chopra's 2008 narrative,

If you think that all that could be said about Jesus has already been said, then this book will be an eye-opener in the best sense of those words.

I would like the same to be said about my next book with Karina Library Press, that The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus is an eye-opening non-fiction exploration of the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Thomas. It provides in-depth background and scriptural evidence for Chopra's insightful conjecture that Jesus taught nondual awareness; the evidence has been waiting there in the Thomas for two thousand years.

More on the book can be found at Karina Library: The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus

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michael thoma - August 18th, 2010 at 6:30 AM
i am "new" to this sharing-website/writings...thru the krishnamurti newsletter of 8/17/10 where Robert is mentioned...[ possibly i have met him at k gatherings in Ojai in the early 90's when i visited a few times ] ...
and this comment may be already expressed somewhere...but having only "listened" thru some of the expressions of the site...what comes as a comment - especially from this blog above...is an inquiry regarding whether consideration has been given to mary baker eddy's expression about all this which is in direct correlation in many aspects to above...she very pointedly in the latter 1800's stated that One-ness...based on a spiritual interpretation of the bible ...listening/looking beyond the seeming material/human interpretation...BE-ing Mind...as in the statement she was led to scribe/make:
"Principle [ God, Mind, Love...] and Its Idea is One"... and was led to express about most of the points above in many ways...
the statement she was led to that seems to "separate" from many apparent aspects of consideration...that:..."there is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter..." [ and That means Now ] is for many a starting point that "breaks" many of the supposed "human beliefs" that can appear to "slow" Unfoldment...
would love to hear if there are already comments about the consideration of marys scribings ...
Thank You...

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