by Robert Wolfe on May 10th, 2011

Q: This statement particularly resonates: "Stillness, utter stillness, is the antidote to the compulsion of volition, to the bondage of chronic activity." I would like to request further explanation of the following quote however: "But the dissolution of conflict is to see choice through to its ending, to be unequivocally consistent in one’s interpretation of truth." I see this to mean that the dissolution of conflict is the realization that choice is truly fallacy.

A: Thanks for your comments!

Your interpretation is correct. We make comparisons: "this" (better) as opposed to "that" (worse), and desires then arise ("I want to retain this, and eliminate that."). Where choices are made, a relative (or dualistic) situation is being engaged. Where there is a sense of division--as in attachment to the outcome of a particular choice--there will be conflict.

The fundamental seat of conflict is embodied in the "I" as opposed to "not-I" perspective. Where the sense of being an individual, separate, "I" prevails, there will be conflict.

The dissolution of such conflict comes in recognizing the truth which nonduality suggests. The I-thought can disassemble into the source of its Being. Then the outcome of any choice, being made by this particular manifestation of the Source of all activity (this "person"), is seen to ultimately make no difference. "Clinging" to (the importance of) choices ceases. One observes the choices that are being made, and their outcome, without concern, without feelings of conflict.

This is what is called "choiceless awareness."

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David Rivers - May 28th, 2011 at 4:14 AM
Brilliant - Thank you Robert

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