Guru Relationship

by Robert Wolfe on May 20th, 2011

Q: If I am not a disciple who wants something spiritual or material from you, because I have no such separative feeling or need, what is your/guru's relationship with me? Or relationship is only when one or both of us have a need, to receive or even to give? Is there an altogether different relationship, beyond needs?

A: From the relative standpoint, the standpoint of the seeker, there is a spiritual teacher who knows (or is aware of) something which she wishes to know.

From the standpoint of an enlightened teacher, there is this "person" (or organism) in communication (or "communion," stressing union) with an-other person. Viewing his own person as That, he regards the other person as That, indivisibly. From his standpoint, That is merely conversing (or interacting) with That. Under those circumstances, he does not think in terms of "relationship." Relationship is the viewpoint of the seeker: the disciple/guru presumption.

From the teacher's standpoint, That (as he) is aware of its true nature, while That (as she) professes not to be aware of its true nature. Aspects, or manifestations, of That (Absolute actuality) are interacting, as a jetstream of water may interact in a sea of water. The outcome of the interaction does not matter: whatever the outcome (if any), it is That doing what it does.

What it is doing in one entity is asking a question. What it is doing in the other entity is suggesting a resolution of the question.

The seeker is proposing that there is an "I" apart from the "guru." The guru is reiterating that the "I" and the "you," in ultimate reality, are the same, omnipresent essence.

When it is recognized (if it is) that you and I are an unbrioken whole--along with all other things--it is clear that, from the Absolute perspective, there are no relationships that exist.

The disciple already embodies this no-relationship condition. There is not, therefore, a condition which the guru embodies which the disciple does not. This is all that the guru can profess to "transmit," and the disciple admit to "realize."

The disciple/guru never really had a relationship, and mutually acknowledge that they never will--in fact that they never really existed as separate realities.

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