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by Robert Wolfe on May 23rd, 2011

You say that you “experienced nonduality,” and utilize a “technique” to “get there.”

This sounds as if (experienced, in the past tense) “the realization,” that you speak of, is a state which comes and goes—thus a repetitive process to subsequently re-instate it.

To use an analogy, if one goes from the state of being asleep, to the state of being awake, the awake state changes if one goes back to sleep. In other words, when one remains awake, there is no technique necessary to regularly re-awaken.

The condition of Absolute awareness, when thoroughly present, will not come and go. It is recognized that not anything has been “gained,” or added, which had not already been existent (though unrecognized). Therefore, there is not something (such as a state) which is subject to “loss,” or lack of presence.

No technique, in other words, can reinstate (get “there” from not-there) that which, by its definitional nature, is omnipresent—eternal and infinite.

So, to the extent that one experiences a “loss” of the “state” of “realization,” that is not the timeless, unwavering Realization that I am familiar with.

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peter - May 26th, 2011 at 5:35 PM
But is this not myself talking to myself about what the "real" realization should be? More playfulness out of infinity? Why differences and distinctions when nothing and not nothing exists and doesn't exist? What vestiges of ego out of "All That Is" have surfaced - so precious to behold as the unending effulgence of infinite possibility?

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