The Nameless

by Robert Wolfe on June 1st, 2011

Your comprehension is clearing. But there is still an element, in your last letter, that can be addressed.

You say that when aware of peace and joy, that is when your true nature is a reality. And you say that when you "have given credence to a separate me, the I-thought" (and you notice the "suffering" which is consequent), there is the "believing in a false reality....I have left my true nature...and need to reestablish my orientation to it."

Both perceived states--joy and suffering--are basically a false reality, in terms of Absolute awareness. The "I," of perceived positive/negative experience, is a feature of both (opposing) states.

To begin with, "joy" and "suffering" are among the myriad (dualistic) names that we have overlaid on 'what is'--on whatever happens to be a present condition. Both are ideas, or concepts, about some manner in which the Absolute is appearing. The Absolute itself has no notions of "positive" interpretations versus "negative" interpretations. It is the "I" which generates interpretations.

Your true nature is in transcendence of the dualistic (I/not-I) self-conception. As such, there is not concern for whether I experience "joy," or I experience "suffering." Whatever is being experienced will be experienced with equanimity. Put another way, the 'what is' (that is "you") is merely aware of the 'what is' (whatever happens to be present), without qualification.

Your "true nature" is another name for the ultimate Reality which none of us can ever be apart from. Therefore, you cannot "leave your true nature," nor can you "reestablish it." (You never established it to begin with.)

If you are equating "joy" with the "bliss" of which Ramana speaks, I submit that bliss is another word for the equanimity which is the characteristic of our true nature--in transcendence of both "positive" (joy) and "negative" (suffering) polarized (dualistic) conceptions. It is being at one with 'what is,' without a need to name, to evaluate, it.

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