When in Doubt...

by Robert Wolfe on June 21st, 2011

You are correct: if a person has doubt that Self-realization is present, that indicates that it is not present.

I am reminded of the words of Ramana: "The jnani (self-realized) has no doubts (about) himself....He has no doubts, to be cleared....

"So long as false identification persists, doubts will persist...Doubts will cease only when the (individuated identification) is put an end to. That will result in realization of Reality. There will remain no 'other' to doubt."

Even though Self-realization is not fully present (and your conclusion that this is so, is an indication that it is so), "Lori" has had a "glimpse" of something which has already effected noticeable changes. So, it is not a matter of self-deception here.

But the decisive factor is, as Ramana says, "So long as false identification persists..." The glimpse, as you say, was of Oneness. Yet, in this case, false identification persists: there is a "person" who has had an "experience"--this is a dualistic conception, not Oneness.

There also remains a person who has definite ideas about how that experience should be developing for that person. The person concerned is the "subject" end, of subject/object duality.

Full self-realization leaves no doubt about the actuality of Oneness, of nonduality. And in Self-realization the subject/object polarization is transcended, so that the false identification of the subject self and objective "other" (material, or immaterial such as "special" experiences) no longer engenders separation, or what amounts to the denial of Oneness.

The dualistic self-identity leads to separation in our lives, and this separation can be a catalyst for full self-realization. The glimpse of Oneness (Christian mystics call it grace) can be a revelation that the condition of the jnani is realizable. "Person," "experiences," and "expectations" will be seen as empty of meaning when Self-realization is completely profound.

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