Do It Now

by Robert Wolfe on November 16th, 2011

"Is there a meditation you recommend?"

In the mind of most people, meditation is associated with a goal-oriented program. Contemplation generally reflects a freer focus of attention.

There is a Buddhist tradition where one sits, the night through, in a cemetery. A practical correlation of that could be to spend an entire waking day contemplating that it just may be the conclusion of the days you'll experience.

In truth, you do not certainly know if you will be alive tomorrow. Check a newspaper and you'll find a report, on any given day, of someone who went out their front door, not knowing that they would not again return.

One morning, contemplate that the next day you might close your eyes for the final time.

As you bathe, as you do your exercises, as you eat your breakfast, and then engage in the day's activities, be mindful that each movement you make, each sensation you experience, each encounter you have, even your every thought may never again be repeated.

The warmth of the sunshine, the blue of the sky, the bird overhead, they may not be viewed again. That child with the bright eyes, the woman with the attractive figure, the couple relaxing on the park bench, notice them carefully knowing it may not be repeatable.

When you open the mail, consider your friend's letter which you may not answer; when you set your wine glass back on its shelf, consider that you might not reach for it again.

Throughout the day, from morning till night, consider at every moment that this may be the last day you'll experience.

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