Infinite Awareness

by Robert Wolfe on January 26th, 2012

Q: [From a comment on the post "Will It Last?"]: "Are you aware of the awareness in all your experiences?"

A: If you think in terms of enlightened awareness as some particular state, then you are thinking in terms of this state as compared to that state. Any states you can conceive, all states, come and go; they are impermanent.
Enlightened awareness is not awareness of some particular state or condition as being preferable to some other state. It is awareness of the ultimate actuality which is present in every condition of form or formlessness, which recognizes all things as the same thing in transcendence of partitions. Therefore, in enlightened awareness, there are no separate states.

In other words, from the standpoint of Absolute awareness, whatever your present state or condition (if you choose to make such distinctions) at any given moment, "that too is It."

When you have an idea that enlightenment is some discrete (therefore limited) state of mind, you will notice that such a state of mind--like all states of mind--will be present at some times and not present at others.

When you've come to see that no state of awareness is excluded from the boundless presence of the Absolute, there is no state which is expected to be replaced by any other state. To suppose otherwise is to be "mired in duality."

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