What About Love

by Robert Wolfe on February 24th, 2012

Q: Having just completed Living Nonduality there is a sense that realization is simple, but empty. Does love fit into the equation anywhere? Is the Absolute totally devoid of feeling and impersonal? Is love just another man-made illusion?

A: What you are referring to, Mary Ann, as "the Absolute totality" is also known as the Void, or Emptiness, in the sutras. This is to say that it is No-thing-ness. Being no definable thing, it is devoid of definable characteristics; or in itself, as you say, it is "devoid of feeling and impersonal."
All qualities and characteristics, then, are projections of the consciousness, or mind, which manifests from this nondescript ground of Being. This includes such categorizations has "love" or "hate." To that which simply eternally and infinitely Is, "creation" and "destruction" are distinctions reserved for the mind in which they're conceived.

And yet, there is something about the aliveness in the universe, and its balance and harmony, which--though benevolent is too strong of a word--sages tend to describe as at least benign, if not charitable or perhaps indulgent. Some go so far as to give this cosmic tendency the title Love (as in "God is love": Ramana). At the very least, most think of the cosmic orderliness as at least a positive element.

The second part of your query has to do with the realization of this Emptiness, or Absolute: "Does love then fit into the equation anywhere?"

If you were to think in terms of what you might describe as loving--or benign or benevolent, even compassionate--behavior, where would you more likely expect to see this expressed: in a self-centered person or in a person whose limited self-identification has evaporated?

When a person has emptied out her conditioned conceptualizations, such as the self-image, there is something else which is operating through the organism. Looking at the lives of the enlightened sages, this appears to have a benign, or charitable, cast to it.

Krishnamurti often spoke about this development. "LOVE is the total absence of the separate 'I,' ego, or self. There is no reason for Love. To have a reason for Love is to have a motive, which comes from the separate self....IF YOU HAVE NO LOVE, do what you will, go after all the gods on earth, do all the social activities, try to reform the poor, enter politics, write books, write poems--you are a dead human being. Without Love your problems will increase, multiply endlessly. And with Love, do what you will, there is no risk, there is no conflict."

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