Message Received

by Robert Wolfe on March 8th, 2012

Hi Robert:

I've been re-reading your response to my letter.

It is clear from my letter that I am coming from a dualistic point of view.

At the end of the letter, you ask me what ought to be done, about my interpretation of what's occurring.

What needs to be done is for me to stop living in a world that is make believe. I can see, as long as I continue to bounce back and forth between the relative and the absolute, that I will have no peace.
Looking over the letter, I was surprised how caught up I was in all this stuff that was obviously judgmental and totally made up in my mind. Pure imagination!

So again, at the end of the letter you say, "So what do you think ought to be done about that?" And you underline THAT.

Nothing needs to be done about THAT, THAT is perfect! And that is what I am.

End of story.

I want this to be the end of my story. And I know that the wanting of the story to end is just another story and that's okay too, because that's just THAT, thinking that.

I know what I am.

This space that I am has always been here. It doesn't matter what comes and goes in it. It never does. And it is OK with everything.

What I need now is vigilance. Vigilance to the truth.

When the whispers of the small self try to cause me to doubt, I will welcome them here, no longer afraid.

I now see clearly, all is That and welcome. There is nothing to resist. And nothing to get.

Your words are very clear, Robert. Thank you.

When we met, you said Krishnamurti said just seeing the false as the false was enough. It's funny, but I was reading Nisargadatta recently and came across a talk where he said exactly the same thing.

All is well! I hope we get a chance to talk again soon.

Sending a heart felt thanks, Jim.

[Response from Robert]


Yours is the kind of letter that makes my day. This represents clear seeing! In terms of vigilance, you can't lose That which never was not already present: you can only deny what has been seen.

But I understand what you mean; you'll be giving attention to what is now unfolding. Keep a copy of your statement and re-read it from time to time. Also, One Essence could be particularly meaningful to you at this time--now that you'll thoroughly understand it.

If at any time you need to talk further, that's what I'm here for.

Cordially - RW

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