In a Rut

by Robert Wolfe on April 2nd, 2012

There is a fundamental idea which you cling to. When you cling to anything, you cannot be “free”.

You have a notion that freedom (or realization) has something to do with “betterment”. That when you “improve” to some imagined standard, that you will have reached the peak, the zenith that you imagine represents the “highest point”. This supposed improvement can represent an increase in knowledge, or “wisdom”. Or an improvement in one’s character or behavior or “outlook on life”, one’s attitude—such as learning to be kinder, trying to be more understanding, controlling impatience, etc., etc. You suppose that such improvements in one’s person is what elevates one to that zenith.
If this “ever upward” bias was merely an idea, it could cause little harm. But it is an idea, a fixation, which you cling to—and insist it must be part of “realization”. You have been told that this notion is false, but you will not abandon it.

Because you presume that realization is a process in time, an evolutionary or accretionary process which takes time, you envision this as a “path” along which you continue your improvement until the improvements pay off in realization. Perhaps you have puzzled over Krishnamurti’s statement: Truth is a pathless land. Path-less. No path. No progression.

You have heard and read that it is purely a matter of subtraction, not addition; not accumulation—of merit, knowledge, time, momentum or any other thing.

You have heard and read that what is being sought is here (no path) now (no accumulation in time is involved).

You have heard and read that what is being sought—the “zenith”—is a condition in which the separate “person” ceases to be where one’s identity resides. So, of what value is accumulation of merit, wisdom, etc., to a non-existent person?

You are telling me that you perceive an obstacle on the path. Your idea of a path is itself the obstacle. If the One is omnipresent, your path of improvement—which takes your focus out of the present —is leading you away from what can (in this moment) be seen!

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Sandesh - October 22nd, 2015 at 12:38 PM
Got it completely. There is no path. It is and always has been always here. There never was or is a difference. It is so simple. I am pure awareness.

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