Science of the Sages

by Robert Wolfe on May 11th, 2012

Scientists Encountering Nonduality from Quantum Physics to Cosmology to Consciousness.

Robert writes:

My first book, Living Nonduality, included a monograph regarding the implication of quantum entanglement ("Science as Spirituality"). I have noticed, during my lifetime, that it takes a full generation (or maybe even half a century) for the import of significant scientific discoveries to begin to pervade our common understanding. When I was a youngster, a friend's father said of Einstein's E=mc^2, "It'll probably be hundreds of years before any but a few understand what this means." But, even today, it is comprehended by many that "energy and matter are equivalent." I've subsequently been surprised to find how little of what scientists are saying of quantum reality has penetrated into the minds of people interested in spiritual teachings. Since I have been reading in these realms of both science and spirituality, I felt it was important to show how thoroughly many modern scientists have come to recognize the connections between quantum physics and the intuition of mystical sages over the centuries. If you yourself aren't aware of these inter-connections, it's time that you were! I've tried to keep technical abstractions to a minimum; you won't need a background in mathematics or physics. - RW

Intriguing facts of the vastness and miraculous complexity of our universe, coupled with reports from scientists that inseparability is the fundamental nature of our existence.

Science of the Sages, Robert's latest book, is a tour through the contemporary scientific view of the universe, from cosmology to subatomic particles, with an eye on its harmony with the conscious insight that has been the message of sages throughout human history.

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