Awakening Purpose

by Robert Wolfe on May 31st, 2012

Your last letter was more pertinent than usual—as was your letter to Will that you sent me a copy of.

You query: "What is the purpose of being awake in the world?" Is one to "go out and 'help' other people?" It's obvious, as you point out, that no singular individual is going to change the world (or the "establishment," or system, as you might say), awakened or unawakened.

It must be obvious that 1) if there is to be a possibility for change, it must start with you; 2) the only change that you could have direct control over would be your own. You state this clearly in your letter to Will: "The most important thing you can do for anyone or anything is to allow your own self to awaken."

So, the what-to-do is to awaken. The what-do-do, if anything, after awakening can only be known after awakening.

This means that the best thing that can be done for yourself, others or the world is for enlightened clarity to be present. Out of that unconfused, undeniable clarity one then acts. Any actions prior to the above are confused actions--from the standpoint of the "self," "others" and the "world."

The purpose of being awake arises from being awake.

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Natalie - June 20th, 2012 at 4:56 PM
[A reader's response to this post]

"Robert, it seems to me that in times past I was busy 'collecting' information; not only from you, but others as well. There seems to be a difference now. I am no longer collecting, but rather assimilating the 'material,' which is certainly consistent now.

"Talk about ending confusion; the last sentence (and paragraph) is one of the most succinct and concise thoughts I've ever seen: 'The purpose of being awake arises from being awake.'

"This sort of came into play with your poem, last night:

'Only when awake--
the dream seen for what it is:
empty of meaning.'

"'s all a dream, regardless of the path, myth, legend, or religion. It is a most radical idea that exposes these things. (Truth is a pathless land.) Prayer and healing (any attempt to 'change things') is merely, even it its best dress, a subtle form of religion, which is probably an attempt at manipulation, mind control, or a belief in 'the power of the mind.'

"There is no way that I could have lived with The Course these many years (13), and not know what is in it. It is ambiguous! And you are right about 'reading into it what we are seeking.'

"There's no question that 'clarity' has been lacking here. I don't believe I've been without a lot of 'confusion' either.

"There has certainly been 'confusion,' which I attribute to years of mis-education: Dr. H. would probably refer to this as 'do-gooder' training (in A.A.). (The Course a continuation.)

"This stuff does not work! And especially in environments such as the ones I've known these last fifteen years.

"People who are entering A.A. are not looking for a 'spiritual awakening.' What they are looking for is a way to fit better into the status quo that did not work for them."

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