Different Strokes

by Robert Wolfe on June 20th, 2012

Question: Are you in any disagreement with what Tony Parsons says about nonduality?
Not at all.

Just as no two persons can stand in exactly the same spot to view a sunset, so not two exponents of nonduality report their view from precisely the same perspective.

And generally the aspect of that view which initially made the most impression on each is typically the aspect which that particular teacher will tend to emphasize. In consequence, no two teachers give the same report, down to the last detail, though they’ve shared the same discovery.

In addition, different teachers adhere to different styles, probably as a development of what they’ve experimentally found effective in terms of transmitting this (counterintuitive) dharma.

The effect is that some teachers are more easily understood, by a particular listener, than are others. Or put another way, some listeners come more prepared to hear this teacher as contrasted to that teacher. The same, of course, holds true for the written material.

And, finally, there are some teachers who are most easily understood by those who have themselves already perceived the clear view. These teachers serve the purpose of removing doubt that the listener is indeed seeing through to the singular universal Truth.

As is obvious, of course, not everyone who professes to expound on nonduality has a thoroughly complete grasp of the matter. In such cases, dualistic viewpoints will inevitably surface in their pronouncements.

There are many effective teachers of nonduality speaking and writing these days, and Tony Parsons is the voice which some listeners will respond to best. On the other hand, someone may find him to seem unapproachable in their comprehension, while, say, Adyashanti may connect their dots.

The same message can be, repeatedly, delivered through different messengers. Focus on the comprehension of the message.

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von mark - June 23rd, 2012 at 9:01 AM
Well said. Well said...

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