You're Getting Warmer

by Robert Wolfe on June 29th, 2012

Question: Robert said something along the lines that the Absolute cannot experience itself, since it IS the Absolute and, through the senses, can only experience aspects of itself. I’m trying to phrase it in a way that I can understand it better. Is it like an ice cube not knowing what cold is, because it IS cold and therefore needs something else to refer to? So, the search for experiencing the Absolute further deepens the illusion of separation, since I’m trying to experience my Self.

Reply: I like your analogy. Imagine an ice cube seeking to have a future encountering experience with Coldness.

You say, “So, the search for experiencing the Absolute just further deepens the illusion of separation. I’m trying to experience my Self!” That’s it, exactly.

If the enlightened masters are telling the truth—that the Absolute saturates all these apparent forms—then you and It could not possibly be in more substantial contact than you are (and always have been) already. To seek being a male, to use another analogy, would be sheer folly, for you were born into that condition.

So, any expectation that somehow you will encounter the Absolute, at a time or place in the future, only leads your attention away from your ever-present, inescapable, essential being.

The Vedas say Tat Tvam Asi, That thou art—not, That thou may someday become. Your ice cube is not going to discover, in some distant moment, Coldness. In recognizing our “true nature,” seeking ends. Now!

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dennis enfield - July 1st, 2012 at 6:44 PM
hi robert...dennis here...thhis is the first time i have tried to connect via internet and the blog method....the ice cuber and coldness rings a true a strange way, it is similar to the sugar cube in the cup of tea from your book. i say this because both the ice cube and the sugar cube must deal in the present moment only...and actually have a direct experience of coldness or sweetness....not past...not
also, thanks for the two sheets of paper dealing with avadhuta....when the teachings are presented along with direct experience of the absolute...combined with the tao, hsin hsin ming, adviata and ramana....toss in a bit of!!!!
in peace....dennis

Bud Thompson - July 4th, 2012 at 5:21 PM
We observe the content, anything more than that is mind. Even saying that is mind and even saying that is mind etc.etc.etc.

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