Drowning with No Lifeline

by Robert Wolfe on October 2nd, 2012

Thank you for your long letter.

It is worthwhile to note that no two experiences of Self-realization are exactly alike. It is also important to note (particularly if extraordinary sensations were a part of it) that the pivotal moment is now simply a memory in the past. Some people make the mistake of attempting (or hoping for) a reliving of what is indubitably a unique occurrence. What is important, instead, is the moment-by-moment living of Self-realization, once the wonder of discovery has passed.
As you say, in your fourteenth and concluding paragraph, “I understand that all this is meaningless discussion”: for you, realization is clearly present, and all the rest is merely preamble. In your words, this perspective is no longer a matter of “intellectual understanding.” Essentially, the things which you describe would be recognizable by anyone who’s undergone this transition. Reduced to a paragraph:

“(Before), every activity or thought process was separate. Now it is felt that there is no discontinuation. Continuity in the awareness is not lost, even if thoughts or activities happen. Individuality has gone. The differentiation between ‘you’ and ‘other’ simply vanishes. Thoughts do come, you still interact with others, but you know that you are interacting only with yourself! There are feelings like anger, joy, happiness, worries, etc., but they don’t prolong. There is only the sense of being, existence. ‘Efforts’ are not possible for any further so-called seeking. The very basic and simple meaning of Nondual renders every concept or definition meaningless.”

You also state, “The feeling of Being takes over.” You asked if there will be a “deepening.” I prefer the word “unfolding.” The shift in perspective, as you noticed, is instantaneous, an authorless insight beyond the time frame of “becoming.” But once the realization is present, the unfolding (or “deepening”) of its being is what “takes over” for the rest of one’s life. You might say that drowning in Being is the deepening. Anything shallower can be said to be “meaningless discussion.”

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