Revelatory Revolution

by Robert Wolfe on December 22nd, 2012

You’re correct, of course, that whatever one’s state of awareness, we have to each of us provide food and shelter for the body. And how we attend to this is what has been called “right livelihood”—in a relative world where circumstances are not ideal.
A suggested first consideration: to the extent that one is in confusion, all that one does is an acting-out of that confusion; to the extent that one has clarity, all that one does is an activity of that clarity. So the first item on the agenda needs to be this matter of arriving at clarity concerning the ultimate nature of our reality. When you know who, or what, is the true Doer of what’s being done, this is the “right” foundation for subsequent “livelihood.”
Then this consideration: ask not what you can get; ask what you can give. The lives of the enlightened masters tell us that when your wants and your needs are not two, you are likely to lead a non-competitive life, involving a freedom out of which emerges a fearless creativity; this becomes, without intention, a life of “service.” And, like water reaching its own level, such service tends to be supported without even the need to ask.
You write, “There is no me.” Then allow the Doer to do what needs to be done, while living in that clarity.

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Michael Damian - March 12th, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Thank you Robert. This is the substance of what you said to me when we spoke some months ago about livelihood. Fearless creativity is an apt phrase to capture the movement of clarity.

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