Soul Searching

by Robert Wolfe on April 12th, 2013

Question: What is your perspective on the belief that we all have a Soul or Higher Self guiding us somehow? Isn't this just more dualistic thinking? If All there is is THAT, or Infinite Being, than wouldn't we have the idea of having some sort of individuated Soul still be a form of dualism?

Robert:  You have said it in your email as well as I could. 

If there is an individual soul, from where (or what) does it arise? 

If it has been brought into being, it does not qualify as being eternal, or infinite. In such case it cannot claim immortality—which is the very characteristic that defines a soul. 

The God which religious seekers purport to want to know, or experience first-hand, would have to be the source, or originator, of souls. So, the important question, for them, is not where or what are souls, but where or what is God?

That is the question that nonduality directly addresses itself to. 

In that examination, nonduality asks, Is there a person, a self, an individual? Even if there is, would an all-pervading God not be immanent in that person? Are we perhaps immersed in God? In our very being immortal? Where does there need to be a ghostly phantom known as soul to fit in "between" God and self?

Ramana Maharshi would simply have given one of two short replies: 

"The soul is as real as you are." 

"Did concerns about a soul occur to you in deep sleep?"

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Reggy - June 20th, 2013 at 11:55 AM
Ramana sure was a feisty one!...what a sense of humor and what clarity and conciseness.

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