Brain, Mind, Consciousness, Awareness

by Robert Wolfe on May 11th, 2013

Question: How would you counter the assertion that the brain produces the experience of awareness, consciousness?

If we postulate that the brain is the producer of conscious awareness, what produces the brain? Are not brains and aware consciousness products of the same source?

The brain by itself cannot fathom the source. But conscious awareness can ask, "Where did I originate?" And conscious awareness can inquire, "Where did the brain originate?" So, while we can assert that without a brain there is not conscious awareness of either a brain or such a thing as conscious awareness, what of organisms which appear to be consciously aware but which have no brain?

How to define awareness/consciousness and its relationship to the brain may never see resolution. But the question of what is conscious-awareness itself is an ancient one. It leads to a further question: "Where does it originate?" And sometimes to a perhaps more pertinent question, "What is its purpose?"

I feel these latter questions are the more provocative. Nondual sages (such as Ramana) suggest responses to these questions, and I find these proposals insightful and conceivable. 

A paradoxical summary might be stated: 

The experience of conscious awareness cannot be differentiated from conscious awareness.


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