What Goes Up...

by Robert Wolfe on September 27th, 2013

Question: I have read your book (Living nonduality) and it deeply resonates with me. For some time now, I have researching Zen, Theravada and Advaita, both in theory and practice.

I found your way of interpreting nonduality very close  to my experience and I like the way you explain it. Somehow, I still have one question: can you have more than one liberation?

My personal experiences is full of imbalance, equanimity then fear, peace then fear, nervousness, and so on. Is there a such a thing as permanent state of peace without ups and downs?

Robert: One way to put it is that the "permanent state of peace without ups and downs" occurs when one is completely at peace with any ups or downs.

The idea of ups and downs is a dualistic premise. Nonduality means the transcendence of the supposed dualistic polarizations, such as good/bad, better/worse, ups/downs. Where there is simply one condition (nondual), any and every condition is that condition:  this is the "equanimity" that you spoke of.

When everything which presents (to you) is recognized to be that one condition, the tendency to characterize or categorize what us present as "up" or "down," or "in between" dissipates. You no longer are invested in whether you could call it "this state" or "that state"—even if you desired to. When that equanimity is present, that is the "permanent state of peace": at peace with what could be labeled ups and downs if you were to lapse into duality and do so.

My book One Essence focuses on the above matter.

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V.Fernandez - October 3rd, 2013 at 8:20 PM
Acceptance of "what is in the NOW" is the key to Liberation or Peace.

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