"The Seeker Is Truly the Sought"

by Robert Wolfe on March 23rd, 2016

(Email from Simon)


I stumbled across your interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump. This led me to purchase your book entitled “One Essence”. I read the poem as well as your commentaries and was floored by one clear realization: ‘There are no distinctions.’

The essence of what non duality is talking about is not difficult. The whole of what it is pointing to can be wrapped up in the phrase “not two”. The very essence of the teachings is that there is no separation:All distinctions are the essence, or absolute.

I was struck a few moments ago at how the petting of my dog, and viewing of the body and mind, are just that essence of all that is, and is not, expressing itself in this very moment. This implication is both ordinary and astonishing. Ordinary because of the simplicity of the phrase not two; and astonishing because everything experienced is not separate.

I have been seeking non dual wisdom for over 4 years, and am blown away that what I have been searching for, all along, is the essence of what I am. The seeker is truly the sought. There are no distinctions between seeker, seeking and sought. They are the same!

— S.


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BATGAP Interview
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