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by Robert Wolfe on November 25th, 2016

What appears to be the election to possibly the most powerful post in the world (by a candidate who has never held public office), over a highly more qualified candidate (who actually received more votes), has stunned hundreds of millions of residents.

Hopefully, this overnight reversal of directions ought to serve as a reminder of several spiritual principles.

“All things change”—and the change itself continues to change.  Not anything can ever be taken for granted.  A psychologically unstable idealist now will have his finger on the red button.  A “great nation” may now experience a drastic descent, as has every haughty nation throughout history.  Americans may come to know the internal  insecurities and brutal ravishment that every European country has known.  Your very life (let alone way of life) may be in jeopardy in ways you’ve never imagined.  Change can not only be a surprise but it can be surprisingly swift.  This is a fact of life which an aware person never forgets.

And, there are our expectations: circumstances should be this way, they should not be that way.  We expect that a more experienced and pragmatic candidate should win, and not lose.  We expect that our elected proxies will acknowledge the changes which are obvious in our collective present, rather than to attempt to turn the clock back to distant time.  We expect our fellow countrymen to be reasonable, sociable, peaceable, unselfish.  And we don’t expect that our expectations are subject to change.  Any expectation we have that conditions should develop this way, and not that, is another spiritual lesson for us.

The unfolding of reality occurs on a moment-to-moment basis, not merely on that of a four-year cycle.  Moments from now, you may not even be alive—in fact, possibly none of us will.  “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,” Jesus reportedly said.  Live each day as if it were the last, is the meaning.  The future is no more certain than is tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow is an idea—in a world and universe which are themselves fundamentally an idea.  Recognizing the impermanence of reality is a final spiritual lesson reminded to us in the present uncertain situation.  
                                                                                           — RW

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cornelia - January 30th, 2017 at 5:36 PM
We have lived in a very privileged world here in North America for a very long time. At the expense of people who lived here long before we came, and whose world was turned upside down and inside out by the arrival or our ancestors. In our arrogance, we have deemed ourselves superior and somehow, more worthy possessors of this magnificent land - and imagine ourselves its permanent masters. But we are no more permanent than the passenger pigeons or buffalo or "uncivilized tribes of heathen" we so carelessly and mindlessly dismissed as unimportant and not worthy of respect. Life moves in endless circles, and perhaps the time has come for us to pay the piper. What is important? To choose mercy, goodness, kindness, compassion and humidity and to walk humbly on this good earth...
Maury Lee - February 13th, 2017 at 8:25 PM
I have lived in the heart of Africa, the DRC, and I have lived in Europe. The histories there are not so young and they serve well in pointing out that autocracy arises when fear arises. When fear arises, ignorance arises too. The demagog follows. It has happened throughout history, and it can happen here. It is happening here, but many do not see it. I laugh quite hard at the news these days. It's serious, but it is as it. This apparent individual would prefer not to experience this. But as the Self, I can laugh at it anyway. Glad I can. For what will be revealed is who we are as a people are. And yet, as the Self, all is well.

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