Evaporating effortlessly

by Robert Wolfe on April 14th, 2017

From a letter received recently…

Dear Robert,

You came into "my" life approximately six months ago, and within this period, life as I've known it continues to transform with the understanding that all that is- is That.

Like the prisoners whom you corresponded with in your book, Living Nonduality, I too had been a prisoner to many "negative" qualities not excluding guilt, shame, and regret. Conditioning, primarily inculcated through a religious upbringing, is what had deemed these qualities a sort of "humility", up to now. And so they were dragged along as "me". 

Through present moment awareness, the identification seems to be evaporating effortlessly. Looking to the past for "my" sense of identity is becoming a foreign and unnatural way of being. This is taking into consideration that even "unnatural" is also That. 

This peace is whole and includes every event that took place, and is taking place, as well as all resentful thoughts and events that will arise in the now. Thanks to your teachings, there is no longer a denial or suppression but rather an understanding that it is all the Absolute. 

"It" has never been a matter of time. It is and has always been what "it" needed to be. 

Much love,

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