Readings for Ramana Maharshi

Books referred to in Ramana Maharshi: Teachings of Self-realization or other recommended readings related to the book.
​"Probably the best organized sourcebook of Ramana’s teachings is Be As You Are, compiled by David Godman in 1985 from two dozen written accounts. Running some 200 pages, it’s divided into six general topics with a seven-page glossary and five pages of index."
​After nearly a two-year translation project, this book was published in 2004. Considering it “a major statement” of these teachings, Godman (editor) also wrote informed commentary.  This unique volume, nearing 400 pages, is thoroughly indexed by topic—nearly 10 pages. It is used a resource in Ramana Maharshi: Teachings of Self-Realization to create a "dialogue" with Ramana. 
​Ramana said, “Somehow it never occurs to me to write any book, or compose poems.” Yet he very occasionally did both, briefly, when requested by devotees. English translations of five texts, plus various verses written by Ramana, are available in The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi, assembled by Arthur Osborne in 1972. This book, of about 200 pages, has an eight-page glossary and four-page index.
​Now in its 13th printing since publication in 1955, Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi was produced by Maharshi’s ashram in India. From 1935-39, a disciple acted as a recorder of Maharshi’s dialogues with visitors—somewhat like journal entries. Maharshi was evidently well-read in classical Indian spiritual literature (after his enlightenment), so—in speaking frequently to Indians—he often used Sanskrit phrases. 
A collection of over 200 people's remembrances of their interactions with Ramana Maharshi. Uneven English translation of some texts, but valuable insights into how people responded to him in person.